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Candidate Profile Customization

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Shared by Benjamin • January 05, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce redefined candidate profile management that’s set to transform the way you customize your candidate's appearance.

The new Candidate Appearance feature lets you fully rearrange all fields, both default and custom, into unique sections that you create.

Enjoy the freedom to mix, match, and move fields to create candidate presentations that meet your precise requirements. Plus, the ability to rename default fields, and design your own sections allows you to truly reflect your client's specific jargon and needs.

Multiple Templates 🎭

You now have the tools to create candidate appearance templates to be used by all the users within your organization.

This means that when creating a list, the default candidate appearance template will be applied automatically.

If your organization utilizes the teams feature, you can now set default templates for each team.

Managing Fields and Appearances 🛠️

Two new sections are here to help you manage your fields and craft candidate appearance templates:

⚙️ Owner and Admin roles can manage the fields and candidate appearance templates.

Adjusting appearance on list 📋

Change candidate appearances directly from the list settings:
List configuration → General → Candidate settings
This lets you tailor each list’s presentation to fit your unique submission requirements. 🤩