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Various Other Updates πŸ› 

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Shared by Benjamin β€’ February 15, 2024
  • Customize notes synced to Bullhorn πŸš€
    Admins & Owners can now fine-tune which actions sync as notes to Bullhorn, ensuring a clutter-free & precise experience. Check it out at Settings β†’ Bullhorn.
  • Multiple File Upload πŸ“
    Upload multiple files to a custom field in one go, from either your device or Bullhorn.
  • Manage Bullhorn Sign-in βœ…
    Manage "Sign in with Bullhorn" directly from under Your Account β†’Connected Accounts.
  • Rename "AE Rejected" πŸ”„
    Admins and Owners can now tailor the "AE Rejected" status to align with your company's terminology, accessible in
    ​Settings β†’ General Settings β†’ Candidate Settings
  • Recruiter Notes Level Up ✍️🌟
    Elevate your notes with over 30 new ChatGPT prompts!
  • Revitalized Activity Feed πŸ“Š πŸ‘€
    Now see who forwarded a list, created a list, set a candidate to draft, and who edited a candidate. Stay on top of every detail.
  • Team-Specific Currency Settings πŸŒπŸ’±
    For companies that have "Teams" enabled, you can now set specific currencies for each team to ensure accuracy across global operations. Adjust in Settings β†’ Teams β†’ Edit